Learn the Art and Science of Self Mastery

Unlock and actualize the full spectrum of your consciousness and live a masterful life as a spiritual being in a modern world. Choose from personalized 1-on-1 or group coaching and discover the true magnitude of what is possible for you as a limitless being, today.

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"I've gained a mastery of a level of subtlety I hadn't even known existed before working with Deus."

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A comprehensive 6 week online intensive designed to equip you with the most powerful tools and skills of self mastery, transforming you from the inside out.

Lifetime access to the content combined with live weekly coaching calls and a private community of dedicated men makes this master class one of the most comprehensive systems of self-mastery on the planet.

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Become the master of your reality.
Full spectrum consciousness coaching targets and upgrades the core operating systems that make up the human experience through a profoundly effective methodology; Consciousness Architecture.

Overcome inhibitions, blind-spots and blockages with incredible speed & precision and step into an outrageously satisfying life of wisdom, dignity and grace.

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"Deus humbly gives you permission to show up as your purest unmasked self. He has witnessed and journeyed alongside me in some of my most vulnerable, creative, and transformative moments. I am honored, and I am changed."

Kristy Brugman
HeArt In Process - Director

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"Right off the bat, just after a few days, the processes and exercises gave me more progress for deepening my perspective and being than I’d had in years. I'm so grateful to Deus and his willingness to be there for me."

Pierre Noujeim
Alexander Analytics - Founder

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"There is so much wisdom Deus has packed into this program, it's shocking. The gold nuggets I've taken away have applied deeply into my life and offered me a true transformation."

Matthew Yeomans
Yeomans Photo & Film - Founder

A Better Life Is Possible

You know this.
Otherwise you would not be reading these words right now.

But here's the flat-out truth:
Consciousness Architecture isn't for everyone


  • This isn't for casual seekers or spiritual tourists.

  • This isn't for self-improvement junkies who flit from one mediocre method to the next without investing any real time, energy or effort in their endeavors.

  • This isn't for people looking for band-aid solutions, a magic-pill, or a quick-fix for their superficial problems.
If this is you (be honest) then I wish you well on your journey as a friend and ally, but we are not a good fit to work together.

This is for those rare individuals who are ready for a life-changing transformation

  • Fully committed to their path and willing to be held accountable

  • Ready to invest their time, energy and effort towards attaining and integrating the highest possible states of consciousness

  • Willing to let go of old, outdated patterns, programs and tendencies and transform the very core of their being from the inside out
If this is you, then I would like to extend an invitation for you to watch a FREE 1-hour training, and then book a 45-minute discovery call with me to see if we are a good fit to work together.


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