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Impeccable Man Master Class


Learn to skillfully navigate life with ease, dignity and grace


Nov. 2 - Dec. 28

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- Daily Lessons & Action Steps

- Weekly Coaching Calls

- Private Community of Men

- Small, Focused Group

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Impeccable Man Master Class


Learn to skillfully navigate life with ease, dignity and grace


MAY 5 - JUNE 30

(enrollment open now)

- Daily Video Lessons & Action Steps

- Weekly Coaching Calls

- Access to a Private Community of Men

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- Small, Focused Group



Deus Fortier


Accelerated Evolution Guide


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Here's What I'm About

 an accelerated evolution coach, integrative breathwork practitioner, and transformational facilitator.

OK... what does any of that mean?

I help people develop the skill and capacity to navigate life with greater ease and joy.

The bottom line is that life is inherently unpredictable.

We all go through these cycles where everything in our lives is lining up with perfect, almost magical precision. For a while the wind of good fortune and effortless inspiration is carrying us on a billowing breeze of ease and grace. All is well in the world.

SUDDENLY, something blindsides us, catching us completely off guard or triggering the crap out of us, launching us into a whirlwind of challenge, confusion, and conflict.

Sometimes this happens in small, seemingly insignificant moments.
Sometimes this happens in a gigantic burst of volcanic intensity.

You know what I'm talking about. This isn't a novel idea.

What I've come to realize through over a decade of immersive study and practice in a huge range of psychospiritual disciplines is that although the mysterious unfolding of this cycle is unpredictable...

It is not random. 


Life is Intelligent

(including our reactions to it)

Every experience that comes our way is designed to awaken in to a deeper remembrance of our essential nature, beckoning us forward to not just realize truth (knowledge), but to actualize it (wisdom).

When we begin to listen to and understand the messages that are being communicated to us by our emotions, thought patterns, and body sensations, we can begin working with them instead of fighting against them.

This allows us to harvest the wisdom from every experience, deliberately implement it into our lives, and become conscious participants in our own evolution.

Accelerated Evolution

When we develop the capacity to receive and respond to life in a skillful way, we are consciously accelerating our evolution.

I'm wildly in love with this process.


Everyone is Unique

(this isn't just a bumper-sticker)

Every person has a unique set of challenges based on their individual constitution and conditioning. Therefore, the approach will differ from person to person.

Some people have inhibitions around feeling emotions or body sensations. Others struggle with uninhibited expression. The sheer amount of variety means that every persons process will be unique to them, and my coaching and facilitation takes this into deep, curious consideration as we discover the territory together.

By cultivating the tools and skills to navigate the unique set of circumstances we are facing, life transforms into a fun, fulfilling playground.

There are no limits to this game.


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All the amazing ways we can work together

Accelerated Evolution

Unlock and unleash your limitless potential by learning to skillfully navigate the full spectrum of Consciousness


Accelerated Evolution coaching is a comprehensive synthesis of the most effective tools and techniques of Self-Mastery from both ancient wisdom teachings and modern practices from around the world.

With personalized guidance in the understanding and application of core principles of consciousness, as well as the incredibly powerful internal technologies that you have access to, you can expedite your evolution as a conscious creator in the world.

By learning to skillfully navigate the various aspects of the human experience, you begin to release painful past programming and step into an outrageously satisfying life.

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NŇęma Breathwork

Release stored trauma, painful past programming, and outdated holding patterns to activate heightened states of well-being in every area of your life


NŇęma Breathwork is a profound multidisciplinary approach to healing that strategically weaves together the power of conscious breathwork, deep bodily unwindings of somatic movement explorations, mindful somatic integrative investigations, and the medicinal vibrations of sound therapy.

NŇęma Breathwork is a collaborative therapeutic process, an insightful dive into non-ordinary states of consciousness, an exploration of the continuum of human experience, and a catalyst for resolving suffering.

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Dive into the great mystery of your multi-dimensional Self through guided transpersonal journeys


Sacred plant and animal medicines have been used as allies and teachers on the path of Self-Realization for thousands of years.

As we learn to approach these powerful guides with reverence and respect in an intentional container, the potential for true, lasting transformation through the release of old ways of being and the activation of empowered, liberated state of consciousness is virtually unparalleled.

Embark upon a profound journey of healing and empowerment in a safe, ceremonial container alongside skilled facilitators to help guide and support you every step of the way.

Using a psycho-therapeutic approach in combination with comprehensive preparation and integration support, these journeys are ideal for the serious truth seeker who is ready for a true transformation in their life.

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Transformative Poetry

Ignite your creative spark through these uplifting and inspiring transmissions


I believe that Art, serving as a conduit of revelation and vision, has the power to transform consciousness. It is a language that extends far beyond words, rich in resonance and meaning. Creative expression translates inner feeling so that they can be seen and felt more clearly. Whether musical, kinesthetic or visual, they can amplify, refine or transmute the raw energies of emotion into something so much more.

These transformative spoken word pieces are transmissions of a living truth that can inspire true, lasting transformation in the hearts and minds of the viewer.

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Here's what people are saying

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"Deus serves up a profound mix of depth, magic and penetrating insight. Hearing him share his lucid wisdom with such beauty and heart opens me to my core. I’m left replenished in Source and activated in purpose."

Satyen Raja

WarriorSage Trainings - Founder

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"Working with Deus has been completely transformational;
I ended a lifelong anxiety around dating & partnership, learned how to surf depression and come out the other side stronger, and even got in touch with the emotional cause of a decades-old health problem and cured it. This stuff reaches very deep."

Michael Smith

CFAR - CoFounder

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"Deus guides a powerful and poignant experience. He stands in a deeply rooted presence, and with calm, steady patience he invites his students to let go of the shore. If you want to wake up to a life of far greater meaning and purpose - if you want to know who you really are, Deus is your guide."

Dana Lynne Andersen
Awakening Arts Acedemy - Founder

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