Hi, I'm Deus

I help people navigate & integrate transformational experiences so they can live deeply satisfying lives

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Here's What I'm About


I believe that life is profoundly beautiful,
personal transformation is deeply pleasurable,
and Self-Realization is incredibly practical.

I'm an entheogentic practitioner, a transformational facilitator and a teacher of Consciousness Architecture - a comprehensive system of self mastery for the modern mystic.

I offer transformational experiences and technologies designed to uplift and inspire humanity in profound, practical ways.

My goal is to equip people with the most effective tools and skills of self-mastery so they can permanently embody the highest expression of their limitless nature.

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Check out all the amazing ways we can work together

Entheogenic Journeys

Dive into the great mystery of your multi-dimensional Self through guided transpersonal journeys


Sacred plant and animal medicines have been used as allies and teachers on the path of Self-Realization for thousands of years.

As we learn to approach these powerful guides with reverence and respect in an intentional container, the potential for true, lasting transformation through the release of old ways of being and the activation of empowered, liberated state of consciousness is virtually unparalleled.

Embark upon a profound journey of healing and empowerment in a safe, ceremonial container alongside skilled facilitators to help guide and support you every step of the way.

Using a shamanic, psycho-therapeutic approach in combination with comprehensive preparation and integration support, these journeys are ideal for the serious truth seeker who is ready for a true transformation in their life.

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Nūma Breathwork

Release stored blockages and painful past programming to activate heightened states of well-being in every area of your life


Nūma Somatics Breathwork is a transformational practice that strategically weaves together the power of conscious breathwork, deep bodily unwindings of somatic movement explorations, mindful somatic psycho-therapeutic investigations, and the medicinal vibrations of sound therapy.

Nūma Breathwork is a psychosomatic therapeutic process, an insightful dive into non-ordinary states of consciousness, an exploration of the continuum of human experience, and a catalyst for resolving suffering.

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Consciousness Coaching

Unlock and unleash your limitless potential by learning to skillfully navigate the full spectrum of Consciousness



Consciousness coaching is a comprehensive synthesis of the most effective tools and techniques of Self-Mastery from both ancient wisdom teachings and modern practices from around the world.

With personalized guidance in the understanding and application of the core mechanisms that make up the human system, as well as the incredibly powerful instruments of consciousness that you have access to, you can expedite your evolution as a conscious creator in the world.

By learning to skillfully navigate the various aspects of the human experience, you begin to release painful past programming and step into an outrageously satisfying life as a limitless being.

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Here's what people are saying

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"Deus serves up a profound mix of depth, magic and penetrating insight. Hearing him share his lucid wisdom with such beauty and heart opens me to my core. I’m left replenished in Source and activated in purpose."

Satyen Raja

WarriorSage Trainings - Founder

"Working with Deus has been completely transformational;
I ended a lifelong anxiety around dating & partnership, learned how to surf depression and come out the other side stronger, and even got in touch with the emotional cause of a decades-old health problem and cured it. This stuff reaches very deep."

Michael Smith

CFAR - CoFounder

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"Deus guides a powerful and poignant experience. He stands in a deeply rooted presence, and with calm, steady patience he invites his students to let go of the shore. If you want to wake up to a life of far greater meaning and purpose - if you want to know who you really are, Deus is your guide."

Dana Lynne Andersen
Awakening Arts Acedemy - Founder

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