The Great Awakening

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

PART 1 – The Human System


For the last few weeks, I have stayed silent.

Largely removed from the countless debates and discussions about COVID-19; it's origins, socioeconomic ramifications and spiritual purpose, I've simply observed.


And after this period of focused inquiry, my conclusion is this:
We are in the midst of a truly spectacular global awakening event.

Now I'm not talking about new-age "ascension", or people's 3rd eyes suddenly popping open and revealing unseen astral realms, or a spontaneous surge of psychic abilities, or any other sensational spiritual phenomenon.

I'm talking about a systemic re-evaluation of identity, connection, and purpose on the most fundamental levels within each individual and society as a whole.

Let's take a step back to give some context, shall we?





At the age of 20 I sold everything I owned and moved down to California to become a monk with SRF - Self Realization Fellowship - a spiritual organization founded by Paramahansa Yoganada, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.


2 main reasons:

1 - I had a spontaneous spiritual experience that completely obliterated my sense of self and reality. This was one of the most impactful experiences of my life, prompting me to leave everything else I had been pursuing in the single-pointed quest for Truth.

2 - I was deeply disheartened and disillusioned with the corrupt systems, control structures, indoctrinating institutions and mechanical motives of western society and wanted to remove myself from them entirely. I wanted to find a more harmonious way of living.


After multiple extended residencies at the Ashram, the monks tasked with reviewing the monastic applications realized I was very fresh on the spiritual path and despite my spiritual motivations, was clearly attempting to escape from something.

So they sent me back to Canada to get more life experience.

And DAMN was it hard to re-integrate back into society.
A real punch to the gut.
A shock to the system.
A dark night of the soul.

All the superficiality and indoctrination and corruption of the corporate value systems and collective beliefs orchestrating human behavior was illuminated like never before. It was impossible to unsee and made it extremely difficult for me to engage in the world.

But I continued on, seeking out the systems and science that would equip me to function as a spiritual being in a predominantly materially driven world.


- Fast forward 10 years –


My life is now dedicated to teaching others the systems, science, tools and techniques that foster real WISDOM:

**Our capacity to continuously generate meaningful insight and reduce self-deception, systematically granting access to previously unrecognizable dimensions of reality through direct experience.

AKA: how to be an awesome human.

This work involves a curious exploration of every level of our being: subconscious belief systems, emotional regulation, autonomic nervous system control, somatic intelligence, energy control, vibrational awareness, and so on.

And after such an extended deep dive into the realms of human potential, after countless teachings, trainings, methodologies and approaches, I concluded that one of the biggest obstacles between a person and the life they truly want to live is…


The programs.


The unconscious imprints that perpetuate habitual thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours in spite of our desire to behave in more empowered, enlivening, wisdom-guided ways.

It’s like watching a movie at a theater. If we are totally engrossed with the film then we lose our sense of self-awareness, slipping into a temporary hypnosis as we merge with the story.

But perhaps at some point we pop out of that total immersion and find ourselves shouting at the screen: “No, don’t go through that door!!”

Of course, the character in the film isn’t going to listen… they are going through that door regardless of what we have to say about it because it’s part of the script. It’s a movie.

Untethering from the grip of the powerful propulsion towards habitual compulsion despite our heightened "awareness" or our best intentions is THE WORK.

And on the other side of it?

Access to a completely new realm of perception that was previously inaccessible.

Now get ready.

I'm going to go into some detail here.

If you are looking for the BIG PICTURE read on, because once you learn how to recognize and respond effectively to these intelligent, interconnected systems that literally CREATE your sense of “self” and “reality”, your perception will begin to change on a DAILY BASIS.

Evolution will be your default operating system.

And everything changes.




While there are many overlapping and interdependent systems that make up the human experience, here are a few of the big players:




We have evolved to think is very specific ways. As we developed our cognitive capacity, we learned new ways of accessing and interpreting information. These are called psychotechnologies.

An example of a psychotechnology is literacy.

We take it for granted that most of us have the ability to articulate our thoughts, feelings and beliefs in written form, but it’s an incredibly powerful psychotechnology that changes how we perceive and process reality.

By writing these words that you are reading right now, it allows me to place a HUGE amount of information OUTSIDE of my individual brain using little “code words”, that you then interpret and make meaning out of. This allows us to share information in ways that just aren’t possible without literacy.

The important thing to remember here is that most of these psychotechnologies are so embedded into our cognition that they are completely invisible.

They literally form the framework for HOW we perceive and interpret the world.

Another thing to consider is the sheer magnitude of the subconscious mind.

You’ve probably seen an image of a giant iceberg floating in the ocean?

From the surface all we can see is the teeny, tiny tip of the iceberg, but if your vision extends down into the depths of the ocean you discover how HUGE the iceberg actually is.

  • The tip of the iceberg is your conscious mind.
  • The full body of the iceberg is your subconscious mind.
  • The ocean holding the iceberg is your superconscious mind (more on that later).

What does this mean in practical terms?

Our unconscious beliefs LITERALLY filter reality.

Through a bundle of nerves called the the RAS (reticular activating system in conjunction with the thalamus) and the DMN (default mode network), your brain automates habitual thoughts and behaviours according to previously existing patterns and programs.

It decides what is relevant based on a few factors including emotional significance and repetition.

Are you a numbers person?
I hope so.
If not, just pretend you are a numbers person for a minute.

The brain processes about 400,000,000,000 bits of information every single second.

The conscious mind is aware of about 2,000 of those.

Those 2,000 bits of information make up everything you THINK you know about yourself, reality, and what is happening - including your sensory input. This tiny FRACTION of information is what you perceive in your moment-to-moment conscious awareness.

Take that in for a minute.

Everything you are CONSCIOUSLY aware of is only a small fraction of the whole picture.

How does the brain choose what information to send to the conscious awareness?

It works like the Facebook algorithm:
Whatever you have chosen to click on the most is understood to be the most important thing to you (through regular attention + heightened emotional significance).
Facebook will then start showing you similar content because its proven to be relevant to you.

THE MOST IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE between your brain and Facebook however, is that your personal “algorithm” resides in your UNCONSCIOUS belief systems, mostly installed when you were very young through familial, societal, and ancestral conditioning.

What you were taught to believe will then be continually reinforced by automatic brain function.

These PROGRAMS begin expressing themselves through...




If you are able to track the patterns, recognize where you want to change, and successfully install new frames of perception by overriding the system, you successfully undergo a transformation process and your entire experience of reality will change.

We do this using the absolutely incredible tool of the pre-frontal cortex which allows us to generate original thoughts and imagine new possibilities that are different from the past.

What’s the result of developing this cognitive capacity?

You get conscious access to a steady stream of previously hidden information.
This new information leads to “AHA” moments of revelation – insight cascades.
You brain becomes habitually programmed to seek (and find) more information about reality.

“Enlightenment” becomes a daily experience.




Our emotions are neuro-biological responses to our subjective interpretation of reality, based on associative memories of the past rooted in the subconscious mind.

In other words, your emotional reactivity reflects your unprocessed wounds.

The complete package of your unresolved wounds is called your “trauma signature”.

Now hold on just a second…
I’m not saying that emotions are bad.
I’m not saying that as a person processed their trauma they suddenly stop having emotions.
I’m not saying that a lack of emotion signifies superiority in any way, shape, or form.

I am saying that your emotions carry extremely important information that has the potential to reveal some of the most foundational beliefs you carry about the world and your place in it.


Emotions are messengers.


But there’s another really fascinating part to all of this:

The conscious mind perceives time as a linear presentation.
1…2…3…4… this is what allows us to make appointments in our calendar for example, or observe the growth of a child over a period of 18 years, or count down to the day of retirement.
There is a linear progression.




The subconscious mind interprets all experiences (including stored memory) as occurring in the PRESENT MOMENT; meaning that symbols, experiences, suggestions, people, circumstances that carry a negative association will activate a PAINFUL response (distressing emotion), and positive association will activate a PLEASURE response (pleasing emotion).

The specific colour, texture, weight, or flavour of emotion changes depending on the combination of ingredients thrown into the mix.

This is a simplification of course, as the brains associative capacity is seemingly infinite, and emotions are complex interpretations that take into account the totality of all consciously and unconsciously stored experiences.

The underlying point is that emotions are the result of your brain making meaning out of an experience and triggering a response proportional to your past experiences and belief system.

Interestingly. There is also a biochemical component to emotions called Neuropeptides.
These are little chemical messengers that are released into the body in order to stimulate various biological functions in response to whatever experience one is having.

Emotional responses are intimately connected with our nervous system, which functions completely differently depending on cues of either threat or safety. Whichever mode is active changes the type of information our brain prioritizes to be sent into conscious awareness.


Stress -> prioritize information about potential threats (survival).
Relaxation -> prioritize information about… well… basically everything else.


When we can recognize and control the nervous system response, we can begin altering and activation states of consciousness on a systemic level that IMMEDIATELY effects the brain and body, giving us access to new information and possibilities beyond the limited frame of our unconscious beliefs, emotional triggers, and habitual biases.

What’s the result of developing this emotional capacity?

You heightened access, awareness, regulation and integration of emotions which allows you to navigate:

1 – Nervous system
2 – Emotional intensity
3 – Habitual behaviors

You also gain the ability to consciously activate heightened states of consciousness by dissolving unconsciously held limiting beliefs.




Our perception of and behavior towards others is largely a reflection of our internal responses and judgements towards aspects of self (ego construct).

In this way, what we see and experience in others is limited to what we currently have access to in the territory of our own heart and mind, projected outwards through our evaluation of other people (as mirrors).

When we are driven by the forces of our past conditioning, we are limited in our capacity to connect with others authentically because the driving force is primarily one of biased judgement rather than present moment curiosity & receptivity.

Furthermore, the inhibitions we have placed around our own feeling capacity and willingness to express ourselves is a safety mechanism that limits others' ability to connect with us, committed as we are to presenting ourselves as a fabricated social persona.

Functioning from this place we fall into destructive patterns of co-dependency; seeking our original fullness by merging with an "other" that embodies the qualities we have unconsciously disowned or abandoned through ancestral, familial, or social conditioning.

In other words, we try and satisfy our longing for fullness THROUGH other people.

Driven by the desire for validation & approval and the fear of condemnation & criticism, we compulsively censor our undesirable qualities, exaggerate our desirable qualities, and collapse or retaliate in the face of scrutiny or judgement.

This is the stereotypical co-dependency construct.

Just like the Musk Deer that contains within its abdomen a pouch containing the desirable scent of musk, we wander the wilderness trying to locate the intoxicating scent, driving ourselves to the brink of insanity with each failed attempt. If only we knew that the object of our desire was within us, our desperate search would come to a swift and delightful end.

When we begin dissolving the inhibitions and fears that limit our willingness and capacity to express our vulnerability, as well as receive and respond to an “other” as they ARE rather than what we have judged them to be, we begin to recognize the inherent Divinity present within each individual and the unique perspective and gifts they have to offer.

We are also able to recognize our inter-connectedness through a process of dis-identification with our "ego construct" (the combined mechanisms of thought, feeling, nervous system, sensory input) that makes up the average individuals sense of self, and begin to identify with the more subtle and foundational realms of consciousness that exist beyond any of those individual components of the Human System.

The result of liberating our authentic selves in relationships?

A deeply satisfying sense of connection that simultaneously honors and respects both the individual and collective through presence, patience, kindness, and clarity.

Our expression becomes irrevocably linked with our highest self, our deepest truth, and we are free from dependency towards other people's approval or disapproval, which then creates greater levels of magnetism, trust, and intimacy.

Our relationships become living expressions of EMERGENCE (the process of coming into view, or coming into being).




Most people's religious or spiritual beliefs do not actually translate into their day-to-day behavior, rarely extending beyond the conceptual labyrinth of philosophy or the dogmatic cavern of blind belief.

This, in my opinion, is primarily due to misplaced identity and indoctrination programs.

When we are young and learning how to use the instrument of the body, we are able to navigate life rooted in the present moment.

Our body, emotions, mind, expressions, relationships, are all exciting and enlivening explorations into the unknown possibilities of life, and yet through it all there is a constant:
The continuum of awareness; the deep understanding that there is a SELF that remains the same, even amidst all the significant changes taking place on a daily basis.

It is this SELF of awareness that has remained the same throughout your entire life, even though your body is a completely different size and shape from when you were younger.

Even though your mind is capable of perceiving and generating more complex systems of thought

Even though your emotions have become amplified in certain areas and repressed in others

Even though your relationships have changed a hundred times over.

Your SELF always remains unchanged, unbroken.

Yoga speaks to the spiritual science of how the Soul (formless, eternal consciousness) becomes identified as the Ego (comprehensive identity construct).

As consciousness enters the human form, energy flows in and through the complex web of energy channels, taking physical shape through the nervous system, body vessel, mental functions, emotional responses, and sensory instruments (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell).

Consciousness then becomes fixated on the various stimulus, resulting from this outward flow of cosmic energy, eventually identifying itself as the sensory input that it is aware of.

This ego construct then solidifies and creates elaborate strategies to protect the beliefs and behaviors upon which it is formed, for fear of experiencing annihilation.

This is why when someone’s beliefs are challenged, they often react by defending their perspective “to the death”, even in the face of significant evidence.

We all know someone like that, don’t we?

Religious institutions often employ this strategy on a massive scale. They have largely been used as control structures to manipulate the thoughts and feelings of large groups of people are not true representations of the deeper spiritual principles and practices at the core of their teaching, which is one of the reasons why so many people rebel against Religion.

When one becomes intimately aware of the individualized systems that form the ego construct, how they interface with each other to form a connected matrix, and how to work with them to consistently catalyze transformative experiences, identity is no longer placed upon any of the individual systems, or the rigid construct of a preconditioned personality.

You are like Neo waking up from the Matrix. The illusion of a false reality dissolves and you slowly begin waking up to your true potential.

You then begin to recognize and identify with the pure, infinite consciousness that resides within, throughout, and beyond every individualized expression of the limitless SELF.

Not through concept, but through direct EXPERIENCE.

The ego then becomes an ally - a vessel through which the soul is able to interact with this world, having learned to utilize the tools available through the divinely complex and comprehensive faculties of the Human System.

They begin sourcing their guidance and direction not purely from sensory input, but from more subtle levels of their being that are in fact the foundational source intelligence that is at the core of all things in existence.

The complete harmonious integration of ones Soul in, though, and beyond the ego construct is what most people mean when they say someone is "enlightened".

When we become skilled in removing identity from programmed patterns of behavior and sensory input through regular spiritual practice, we reclaim our sovereignty over the Human System and become liberated from compulsion of any kind.

We are free.

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviors are all recognized, honored, and governed according by the awakened Universal Intelligence that we are intimately and irrevocably connected to.

What is the result of this Soul-union?

Life becomes a beautiful exploration of infinite possibilities wherein our continued expansion becomes the driving force for all wisdom-guided activity.

We become consciously aware of the profound connection permeating all things and are informed by a higher intelligence that is expressing through but transcends any of the individual instruments of the physical form.

Wisdom and Love take on entirely new meanings.

All forms of delusion are stripped away as we are reunited with Truth beyond description.

Knowing these foundational principles, we find ourselves stepping beyond the conventional narrative of reality into a vibrational paradigm of indescribable beauty.



Part 2 - Vibrational Paradigm


In Part 1 we explored some key areas of the human experience that make up most people's perception of identity and the world; THOUGHT, EMOTION, RELATIONSHIP, and SPIRITUALITY, and how these intelligent systems of perception and response are largely governed by automatic processes in the average person, influenced heavily by ancestral, familial, and societal conditioning.

This includes the accumulation of unprocessed trauma and the adoption of cultural value systems as driving forces for unconscious behaviors.

Basically, you are a super-human cyborg built from a whole bunch of incredibly intelligent interlocking systems.

Most people forget they are the OPERATOR and become identified with the systems themselves over time.

Now that we have that foundation set, we can expand out from the individualized components of the human system into the key operating features of life as a whole; namely the way vibrational frequencies behave, as well as how they are sensed and transmitted.

As these concepts come together, they weave themselves into a beautiful tapestry that paints the global pandemic into a completely different light.





Despite what some people believe, the concept that "everything is energy" is not something that was drummed up by a bunch of hippies tripping on acid.

This fundamental truth has been rigorously explored and studied scientifically, psychologically and spiritually. As it turns out, the concept is one of the most all-encompassing and pragmatic principles we currently have to help us understand how life is structured on the deepest level.

Let's take one step back and explore some preliminary concepts to really bring the COVID-19 conversation into proper focus.

I get it... You've probably heard this new-age concept thrown around a thousand times by now.

“Hey man, chill out. Everything is just energy.”

It probably goes straight in one ear and out the other at this point, maybe even causing your eyes to roll as it passes straight through your brain and back into the empty space from whence it came.


I invite you to just stop for a minute and really take this concept in as deeply as possible. It’s absolutely essential to building understanding as we move forward.

So what if everything is energy? What does that have to do with the global pandemic?

Well, everything in our perceivable universe is a cluster of vibrational frequencies that can be seen, heard, felt, and measured. In fact, the Human System is equipped with sensory instruments specifically designed to PERCEIVE and INTERACT with a very precise range of vibrational frequencies.

That being said, it’s incredibly important (and fascinating) to note that there are spectrums of vibrational frequencies that extend beyond our ability to perceive with our senses; many of which are known to impact and influence the systems and structures of our body, mind and emotions.

For example, electromagnetic frequencies such as x-ray, infrared, ultraviolet, etc, and sound waves beyond the human range to perceive (20 Hz - 20,000 Hz) are known to affect how our body and brain function.

This is why they place that big heavy bib on you when they give you an X-ray. It is blocking the EMF and protecting your vital organs from being damaged.

Let's explore a few more examples so that we can understand just how necessary understanding vibrational frequencies is to our comprehension of reality:





Your sensory organs are instruments that are equipped to receive, interpret, organize and transmit vibrational frequency.

These are all wonderful, practical examples of how everything is vibration.




Our eyes contain specialized cells, called cones, that act as receivers tuned to the wavelengths of a narrow band of the EM (electromagnetic) spectrum. Your eyes register these frequencies which are interpreted as "color".

The longer vibrational wavelengths (around 720nm) register as the color red. As the vibrational frequency moves up the spectrum, so does the associative color you perceive - orange, yellow, green, blue, all the way to violet (at about 380nm).




Your ears receive vibrational frequencies which then physically vibrate the ear drum, move through the fluid in the cochlea, stimulate a chemical response in the cells, and create an electrical signal which is then interpreted by the brain as a "sound".

When you "speak" you are using air to vibrate your vocal cords (phonation) at certain frequencies (tones) combined with specific articulation of the lips, tongue and jaw (plosive & vowel sounds) that have associative meanings collectively understood by anyone who speaks the "language".




First off, the "things" that make up our physical body and world can be reduced to inconceivably small dimensions. For our purposes we only need to go down as far as the atom which is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons. Protons have a positive charge, neutrons are neutral, electrons have a negative charge.

Atoms have different sizes and different charges based on the proton-neutron-electron configuration, meaning that each atom has a unique vibrational frequency and atomic structure. When 2 or more atoms come together based on their compatible configurations, they form a "molecule".

Additionally, there are large distances (relative to size) between the nucleus (center) and the electron (orbiting) of the atom, meaning that even though most of the atom is actually EMPTY SPACE (the large distance between nucleus & electron), once they form themselves into molecules we experience them as being "solid", "liquid", or "gas" based on our interpretation of that specific molecular density.

Molecular density is influenced by temperature, which is also on a vibrational spectrum from cold (vibrating slowly) to hot (vibrating quickly).

"Contact" between objects (ie: touching) occurs when the outermost electron clouds on the surfaces of objects electrostatically repel each other.

In other words, when we "touch" something, we are registering the charge, the molecular density, the temperature and the texture of said "object" through a vibratory exchange, translated into electrical impulses interpreted by the brain which we then experience as tactile sensation.

This also applies in similar ways to TASTE and SMELL.




Your brain itself also responds to vibrational frequencies by changing how it functions.

In other words, the brain is designed to DO DIFFERENT THINGS depending on the frequency it is operating at.

These are all very well-researched and documented if you want to dive in more deeply:

DELTA (deep relaxation / sleep) - 0 Hz to 4 Hz

THETA (trance-like states / impressionability) - 4 Hz to 8 Hz

ALPHA (integrating information / mind-heart communication) - 8 Hz to 12 Hz

BETA (heightened cognitive activity / active thought process) - 12 Hz to 40 Hz

GAMMA (transcendent states / large scale brain network activity) - 40 Hz to 100 Hz


You can find countless pieces of recorded music or meditations that resonate at particular frequencies designed to stimulate specific brain-states.

You can also learn to activate different brain states yourself through various psychospiritual technologies such as meditation.


Let's pause for a second...


This is SO MUCH FUN isn't it?!


I don't know about you, but I'm super excited about learning the mechanisms that make up our sense of self and perception of reality.

The thirst for truth is real.

Anyway, this might seem like a lot of information, but the summary is this:

EVERYTHING that makes up our experience of the world can be understood as vibrational frequency, aka energy.

I mean… just look at all of the above examples! These are the BUILDING BLOCKS of the Human System and all of them can have their vibrational dependency scientifically measured in quantifiable terms.

They are interdependent with one another and create our sense of SELF which has and emits its own unique electromagnetic signature that is the consolidated total of ALL the various frequencies that make up your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual "bodies".

Let me say that again:

Your “vibration” is the totality of ALL the frequencies flowing in and through your system.

This is what is known as your "Aura" or "Biofield" - which can actually be photographed through Kirlian Photography (sometimes known as electrophotography).

You are a walking electromagnetic field.

Breath that in for a second.





God knows we don't need any more people who haven't actually IMPLEMENTED any "positive" transformation (see what I did there?) in their lives running around shouting "EVERYTHING IS VIBRATION!!".

Don't be that guy.

No one likes that guy.

He's got a low vibration.

Be the person who actually takes this information and begins to APPLY it in practical ways so that you serve as a living demonstration of the concepts.

What's the first step?

Let’s break down how we can engage vibrational frequencies in practical, pragmatic ways.




We receive, interpret, organize and TRANSMIT vibration in 4 primary ways which can be called the 4 components of consciousness:

1 - THOUGHT (inner narrative)
2 - IMAGE (visualization)
3 - EMOTION (associative interpretation)
4 - BODY SENSATION (felt sense)

They are all forms of EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) being received and transmitted in and through the biochemical & psychospiritual systems which are recognizable and familiar to us as light, sound and sensation.

Our ability to sense and interpret vibrational frequencies through these interconnected systems determines our functional beliefs of SELF and REALITY.

But we also have an outrageously awesome superpower as humans...

The ability to use our evolved cognitive capacity to INTENTIONALLY activate and emit very specific vibrational frequencies, (aka states of consciousness) at will.

By using the 4 components of consciousness to intentionally activate specific THOUGHT, IMAGE, EMOTION, and BODY SENSATION experiences, not only so we begin to reprogram the entire Human System explored in Part 1 (mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual programs that filter perception & behavior), but we also begin to emit a stronger, more powerful, more beneficial electromagnetic field that positively impacts the countless vibrational fields we are (invisibly) in contact with.

This isn't new-age BS.

This is real.

Remember that as we move forward.





- We have our bodies which are a collection of vibrationally charged atoms that form into molecules, cells, organs, and ultimately a body.

- We have our brains which receive, interpret and generate electromagnetic impulses that are experienced as thoughts, images & sensations.

- We have various interdependent systems stimulating brain states & biological functions which are subjectively experienced as emotions.

- We have the capacity to receive, interpret, organize, and transmit vibrational frequencies in measurable ways by using the 4 components of consciousness.

So in order to start utilizing our incredible potential as CREATORS to make a positive impact in the world, we have to develop our skill & capacity to remove IDENTITY from the MACHINERY (Human System), place it on the SOURCE (pure witness consciousness), and skillfully use the 4 components of consciousness to intentionally activate desirable states of consciousness.

OK, great...

How do we do that?





Being able to witness the movement of thoughts and feelings without reacting to them slowly dissolves the automatic patterns and programs that have perpetuated limiting beliefs & behaviors. Identity slowly becomes rooted in a place of pure perception - witness consciousness - which systematically grants one access to greater levels of freedom, power, wisdom, and love in every way.

You begin to have direct experiences of vibratory realms that exist beyond the range of sensory perception, entering into direct communion with source energy, resulting in WISDOM (direct knowing).




Immersing oneself in the detailed envisioning of a desirable scenario literally rewires the brain, body, and emotional system, as well as generates and transmits that frequency beyond self and into the rest of the world.

Not only does your brain register the visualization as taking place in the present moment (building the synaptic connections and stimulating the associative neurobiological responses), but it makes it more SALIENT (important) which means the brain will start finding and sending supplementary information to the conscious awareness that supports this new vision of reality (as discussed in Part 1 - The Foundation).

To make your visualization as strong as possible, include ALL of your senses in the experience. SEE what you would see, HEAR what you would hear, FEEL what you would feel. Make it emotionally relevant and personal to you - dramatize & amplify it in the most magnificent, inspiring, enlivening way and CELEBRATE the experience within yourself.




This particular practice involves you sitting or lying down in a relaxed position and allowing yourself to FEEL YOUR FEELINGS FULLY. Period.

​​Here's the most important part:
** Whenever your feelings generate a thought, story, narrative, or daydream, release your attention from the THOUGHT and come back to the FEELING you are experiencing. **

The feeling practice is different from meditation in some very subtle but important ways:

Meditation is ultimately about relaxing into a place of perfect stillness by allowing the mental / emotional static to slowly subside, resulting in a deeply interiorized state known in Yoga as Pratyahara - a conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses.

True meditation BEGINS once Pratyahara is established. Everything else up to that point is practice.

This feeling practice is not about the cessation of movement as much as it is about directing focused attention, like a laser, to the emotional sensations that are present in your awareness without labeling them, judging them, or analyzing them, welcoming the experience without trying to shift, change, or influence it in any way.

By experiencing the feelings without attempting to push them away (repulsion) or cling on to them (attraction), we allow the feelings to complete their natural, intelligent cycle to completion, dissolving the corresponding psychoemotional consequences of habitual, unconscious repetition.

By allowing yourself to feel these feelings fully without a corresponding narrative (which amplifies and perpetuates emotional response), you begin unlocking and releasing stored bundles of trauma (unprocessed emotion) that has been suppressed or repressed (locked in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies).




By actively engaging in service-full activity we are extending the perceptual and behavioral faculties beyond the self-isolating ego-construct. We begin to feel our sense of purpose and pleasure in life being intimately linked with the well-being of others, expanding our sense of SELF into a much larger field of perception (giving us access to a more complex and sophisticated understanding of reality).

Our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self then begin to self-organize towards the most life-supportive behavior in every situation; our faculties begin automating the integrated understanding of complex, interdependent systems which then translates into more harmonious THOUGHTS, IMAGES, EMOTIONS, and BODY SENSATIONS as we move through life. This empowered place of being turns into a positive feedback loop which slowly dissolves all forms of inhibition, selfishness, and limitation of any kind.

These 4 practices are examples of how to take the theoretical concepts we've explored so far and apply them immediately into your life, which at the end of the day is the entire point.

Use them.


Let your experience speak for itself.

By aligning with this vibrational paradigm in practical ways, we can begin to explore and understand the real implications of the great spiritual teachings from around the world, the cycles of transformation that we must all participate in, and ultimately how the global pandemic fits into this universal model.



Part 3 - The Fractal Field


Steady as she goes!


As a refresher, in Part 1 we explored some of the primary mechanisms that create and perpetuate people's view of self & reality, and the corresponding unconscious behaviour patterns; namely the mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual aspects of the Human System.

We also touched on the basic formula for how the "Soul" (pure consciousness / awareness / I AM presence) forms the ego (comprehensive identity construct) through identification with the sensory stimulus occurring through physical / mental / emotional and spiritual channels, resulting in the creation of a personal and social identity that activates defense mechanisms and filters information in order to be maintained.

In Part 2 we explored the vibrational aspect of this "physical" reality by detailing that the function of the sensory instruments is to perceive and interpret a very specific range of frequencies.

From this vantage point we can quantify how vibrational frequencies are experienced and how we can use the 4 components of consciousness - Thought (narrative), Image (visualization), Emotion (value association), and Body Sensation (felt sense) to activate and emit vibrational frequencies intentionally.

Now STRAP IN FOLKS, because things are gonna get weird.

And by weird, I mean AWESOME.

Using the foundation we built in Part 1 & 2 as a launchpad, we can now dive into the more complex dynamics of an interdependent fractal reality matrix.

Uh… wtf does that mean?

There's a strong possibility the last sentence sounds like a bunch of sci-fi jargon to some of you reading this.

I want to emphasize that every word has been used deliberately to communicate a very specific component of a larger framework of perception and understanding.





Individual and collective transformation processes (ie: trauma release, paradigm shift, life transition, etc) follow OBSERVABLE patterns which allows us to recognize and respond to them in more effective ways.



By training the "Human System" to habitually generate INSIGHT (knowledge) and integrate it into WISDOM (embodied understanding) - [described in Part 1] - we begin to recognize vibrational infrastructures that manifest in our 3rd dimensional reality (the specific range of vibrational frequency / density in which the human system is capable of perceiving and interacting with through the sensory instruments) - [described in Part 2] – which show up as observable archetypal patterns / cycles / universal laws.

We then begin to understand that these universal principles make up the underlying reality matrix (or blueprint, if you will) which expresses itself in ever-expanding fractal (repeating) forms on every microcosmic (small) and macro-cosmic (large) level in life.

When we learn to consciously recognize and work WITH these intelligent patterns / cycles / laws, we vibrationally align ourselves with an IMMENSELY powerful Source Energy that flows in, through, and BEYOND three dimensional reality (sensory perception) into higher (& lower) dimensions of reality (vibratory range of frequencies) on a scale and scope that is incomprehensible to the human intellect.

Basically, reality extends WAY beyond what most people ever dare to consider.

Oh, and magic is real.

Vibration is science.

Down the rabbit hole we go!





Alright, let's bring in some more scientific terms to feed that hungry rational mind of yours.

EMERGENCE is a term used to describe the mysterious evolutionary process that occurs when 2 distinctly different forces interact with each other to give birth to something new.

A simple word equation to demonstrate:

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis

Daniel Schmachtenberger speaks very eloquently about this concept in a video you can easily access on YouTube. If this stuff interests you, I highly recommend watching it as it’s very helpful in grounding these very lofty spiritual principles into a practical framework of understanding.

Pretty much every organic living "thing" or "ecosystem” can be categorized as a complex adaptive system that responds and adapts to the world (evolves) through a process that is called "emergence".

In short, emergence is the evolutionary principle in action.

How it works is this: living things that are UNIQUE (different) but SYNERGISTIC (compatible) develop a relational exchange in response to ever-changing environmental circumstances (challenge & opportunity).

As these living things engage with each other they “combine forces” so to speak, becoming more complex / elegantly ordered / sophisticated in their design and behavior via the evolutionary exchange.

The concept isn’t actually very complicated:
Two things interact and create something new. Simple, right?


The really incredible part about emergence is this:

1 - The forces that are interacting with one another must have unique differences (they cannot be exactly the same).

2 - They must engage in a synergistic relational exchange of some kind.

3 - The new entity / synthesis / system (result of the relational exchange) contains qualities that were not present in either of the individual entities prior to the exchange.


Think about that for a second...

Differences + Healthy Relationship = New Evolutionary Qualities.

The question is…

WHERE do the new qualities COME FROM?

A simple example of this is when hydrogen (H) comes together with oxygen (O) to form water (H²0) which has qualities that neither Hydrogen or Oxygen has.

Emergence is the closest thing to “magic” that science has acknowledged.

Emergence increases the system's level of complexity / sophistication / intelligence and is the dynamic expression of life optimizing for both maximum DIVERSITY (uniqueness) along with maximum SYNERGY (harmonious relationship) SIMULTANEOUSLY.

This means that life evolves towards both “individuality” and “oneness” AT THE SAME TIME.

This evolutionary phenomenon occurs on every known level from microscopic (as in the example of H²0 above) to the galactic (how stars and galaxies are formed) which means it is a FOUNDATIONAL BLUEPRINT for how life is structured.

In summary, there is an INTELLIGENT ORDER to how things change and grow over time that encourages both DIFFERENTIATION and UNITY which expresses itself through progressively higher levels of ELEGANTLY ORDERED COMPLEXITY.

This is evolution.

A practical example of applying this knowledge in a day-to-day scenario would be intentionally approaching "conflict" as an evolutionary opportunity to discover the synergistic potential of contrasting viewpoints.

If you are successful in adopting this new framework of understanding, you no longer experience conflict as a “battle” where one person is "right" and the other is "wrong”, because it has become an intentional exploration of contrasting perspectives in order to arrive at a more comprehensive understanding of self, other, and world in which all parties are honored, respected, and valued for their unique contribution to the evolutionary exchange.

This is EMERGENCE in action, and it is an example of an energetic structural blueprint - how Universal Intelligence manifests in the 3-dimensional reality matrix on a microcosmic and macro-cosmic level through fractal expressions of vibrational exchange.





...Is that we haven't been trained to PERCEIVE or ALIGN with the elegantly ordered complexity of Universal Intelligence.

We have been trained to absorb and regurgitate carefully selected information that codes our brain (just like a computer) to perceive specific aspects (vibrations) of reality and behave in a predictable fashion which eventually becomes a self-reinforcing ego construct (personal and social identity) - (as explored in Part 1).

We are programmed.

This happens in a whole BUNCH of different ways, but in the interest of time I'll offer perhaps one of the most salient examples:

Throughout school you are weighed and measured using a numerical grading system that evaluates your ability to correctly regurgitate pre-selected information that paints a very specific picture of reality (the dominant world-view [vibrational frequency] of institutionalized education).

You are given actual numbers that represents your personal and professional VALUE and future POTENTIAL in every "subject". This psychologically amplifies competitive qualities as a necessary survival mechanism in children as they battle to retain a sense of self-worth through validation from an institutionalized system and its dominant world-view.

In other words, we are rewarding for fitting into the status-quo and punished if we don’t.

Since this is a hierarchical structure by design, those who are unable to successfully meet the "value criteria” will then attempt to reclaim their sense of self-worth (survival mechanism) through other means such as - withdrawing emotionally (isolators), deflecting (class joker / "popular" kids) rebelling (bullies / rebels), extreme compliance ("good" kid / teachers’ pet), etc.

All coping strategies for being stripped away of our inherent value.

This creates a distorted IDENTITY CONSTRUCT and WORLDVIEW that reflects the unresolved trauma signatures (programming / vibration) within the psychological, emotional and physical mechanisms of the Human System - which then express itself on a collective (societal) level as greed, selfishness, abusiveness, hatred, and other widespread life-destructive behaviors.

Another way of saying this is that if your electromagnetic frequency (vibration) is not aligned with Source frequencies (life-supportive energetic blueprints) then your consciousness is scientifically incapable of perceiving higher levels of reality due to the perception bias of the structural functional capacity of the Human system.

WHAT you think about is filtered by HOW you think.


Making sense?

(By the way, are you seeing the connecting threads between this content and the COVID-19 pandemic yet?)

So, let's take a look at HOW most people think, shall we?





To simplify, there are 2 main perspectives on reality.

The dominant paradigm has a dramatic impact on the way an individual orders information in their consciousness:


1 - REDUCTIONIST (compartmentalized analysis)

This method involves breaking down a system into its constituent parts in order to understand how it "works". In this method you "break down" an object down to its smallest denominator, learning about the form & function of each individual piece as you go in order to build a working understanding of the system as a whole.

In this paradigm your understanding of the WHOLE develops as a consequence of you understanding the specific, predictable function of each INDIVIDUAL component.

Think of a mechanic disassembling a car engine into its individual parts in order to understand of how the engine "works".

Or the necropsy (autopsy) of animals in high school to understand how they “work”.

This is the stereotypical western approach to understanding something, creating and reinforcing a predominantly mechanical world view that psychospiritually emphasizes reductionism and isolation.

This is a very effective approach to understanding mechanical systems work - which are engineered to fulfill a very specific and predictable function (for which they are built).


This approach to understanding is extremely limited when applied to organic systems rather than mechanical ones, which are "complex adaptive systems" that function predominantly through relational exchange and evolutionary response (emergence) rather than predictable, mechanical functions.


2 - HOLISTIC (systems thinking / complexity theory)

This method involves a comprehensive relational view of interdependent systems in order to understand how each individual "component" continually impacts and is impacted by the system as a whole.

In this method instead of narrowing down towards individualized components, you expand outwards towards the entire system, noticing adaptive trends across a much wider spectrum of analysis over longer periods of time to build understanding of relational impact and exchange across many interdependent forces.

In this model your understanding of the INDIVIDUAL components is only understood through their unique RELATIONSHIP to the system as a WHOLE.

Think of an ecologist who is studying the variables of environmental impact within a specific region (everything impacts and is impacted by any one variable changing).

Or a holistic health coach who will often ask for details about the circumstances in your life as data towards understanding what’s going on with your physical health.

This focus on relational evolutionary adaptation across many fields informs a comprehensive holistic worldview that psychospiritually emphasizes principles of relationship and connection.




Now that we've distinguished between those 2 radically different perspectives that influence the structure of consciousness... LETS DO SOME MAGIC!!

Remember in Part 2 when I said you are a walking electromagnetic field?

Well, besides that being a scientifically verifiable fact, it also adds a very important dimension to the HOLISTIC view on reality (aka where complex adaptive systems are evolutionary as interdependent) which starts to bring us into spiritual territory.


Let’s look at this a little more deeply:

- Every single atom in your body has it's own EM field (vibrational frequency / charge)

- These atoms (vibrational bundles) combined together to form progressively larger structures (molecules -> cells -> tissues -> organs - organs systems -> body)

- Each of these structures have their own EM field (vibrational frequency / charge) that CONTAINS the frequencies of ALL the smaller structures within it.

- This is another example of a FRACTAL PATTERN that demonstrates a foundational blueprint for how life is intelligently structured.


Can you see where we are going with this??

Each individual component is connected to the larger systems it is a part of.

This SAME BLUEPRINT extends BEYOND your individual body, where YOU my friend, are a localized EM field that is actually moving IN and THROUGH a much larger (and larger) vibrational field which INFLUENCES and is INFLUENCED BY the vibrational structure of your individualized consciousness.

You are one “component” in a larger system.

Meaning: your THOUGHTS, IMAGES, EMOTIONS, and BODY SENSATIONS influence and are influenced by societal, global, universal forces.

Every thought and feeling (vibration) that you emanate ripples outwards, affecting the structure of every larger system you are a part of.

Which begs the question:

If my thoughts and feelings are influencing others, and their thoughts and feelings are influencing me, how do I know which thoughts and feelings are mine?!?!

The answer is very simple:

None of them are yours.

You are not the mechanisms of you Human System.

They are simply vibrational frequencies flashing across the screen on your consciousness through the receiver / transmitter of your mind.

If you practice meditation to become aware of Witness Consciousness, you will quickly come to discover that your thoughts are often generated automatically, not as a result of you willing them into being.

Not to say you can't do that - in fact the whole point of developing mastery over the 4 components of consciousness is so that you can intentionally activate states of consciousness (vibrational frequencies) using the mechanisms of the Human System.




The key is to start bringing awareness to the INFORMATION you are receiving through your THOUGHT and FEELING responses (mental, emotional & physical instruments) - which as we know from the 4 components of consciousness - are forms of vibrational INTELLIGENCE.



- You and your intimate partner exist together WITHIN a relational field (which is experienced and expressed as EMERGENCE - synergistic relationship between 2 unique individuals that gives rise to a higher order of complexity that was not present in either of the individuals prior). While this relationship may have similarities to other partnerships, there is a unique dynamic that is ONLY present within the context of this specific relationship.

- You go to a friends house and can FEEL the vibrational quality of their home, which catalyzes subtle changes in THOUGHT, IMAGE, EMOTION, and BODY SENSATIONS, which you then interpret (generally) as being PLEASANT or UNPLEASANT. This influences your mood and behavior responses. By observing your friends’ living space, you (consciously and unconsciously) judge your friend, altering your relationship with them in subtle or overt ways.

- You go to a party and can not only FEEL the "vibes" of the party itself, but also the vibes of the individual people who are there. You may be instantaneously drawn towards some and repelled by others by invisible but undeniable MAGNETISM. How this FELT SENSE of the collective field impacts your system over time, and how the relational fields of social exchanges impact you will be determine if you "enjoyed yourself" at the party or not.

- This process of vibrational exchange continues into your neighbourhood -> city -> region -> province -> country -> continent -> planet -> solar system -> galaxy -> universe... -> and beyond.

How far can you envision?

It extends beyond that.


Every single one of these fields (or spheres as I often call them) represents the combined vibrational total of ALL the smaller spheres contained within it (down to the smallest microcosmic level), creating an infinitely complex, infinitely intelligent interdependent system of evolution on the grandest scale imaginable.

The universal blueprints manifest in fractal expression, remaining consistent regardless of the level at which you view it.




*** Any vibrational shift that occurs within a smaller individualized sphere catalyzes a responsive, emergent reconstitution of ALL the LARGER spheres in which it is held.
(A great example of this is the 100th monkey effect - look this up if you've never heard of it before - which could also be called "critical mass" or "biological telepathy").

*** Any vibrational shift that occurs within a larger collective sphere catalyzes a responsive, emergent reconstitution of ALL the SMALLER spheres contained within it.
(A great example of this is a woman's cycle of menstruation [body sphere] being heavily influenced by the cycles of the moon [planetary sphere] - or women living together becoming "synced up" in their cycles [communal sphere]).


The easiest example of this is your body:

If you contract a VIRUS (wink, wink), it has consequences on your PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, SPIRITUAL state in noticeable ways such as fatigue, stress, physical pain, etc.

The collection of all the MANY different interdependent systems / EM spheres / vibrational constructs that make up your Human System then begin to RESPOND intelligently (ie: immune system) in an effort to develop an adaptive solution (ie: antibodies) to the new variable (virus).

This is a complex adaptive system in action and if is successful, it results in a more sophisticated intelligence within the system as a whole.

In this example the SMALLER SPHERES of your physical components are impacting the LARGER SPHERE of your Human System, showing up in mental, emotional, physical ways.


You (the larger sphere) are also a PARTICIPANT in this process, and can CONSCIOUSLY INFLUENCE the unfolding reality matrix rather than being a VICTIM to it by using the 4 components of consciousness (thought, image, emotion, body sensation) to INTENTIONALLY ACTIVATE a SPECIFIC vibrational frequency, which will IMPACT the functional structural processes of ALL the smaller spheres (like the immune system) in beneficial ways that are difficult to comprehend for someone oriented towards a reductionist world-view.

In other words, your thoughts and feelings influence your physical health.

This is known as the "placebo effect" in the scientific community, the "law of attraction" in some new-age communities, and "entrainment" in biomusicological & neurological terms.

Just to clarify an important point here, I am NOT saying that those who succumb to ANY kind of disease or condition are "not a high vibration" or any of that nonsense. I'm merely giving examples of the blueprint dynamics of micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic spheres of vibration.

The conclusion of it all of this:

Your state of consciousness impacts the rest of reality on the largest scale imaginable.

Your thoughts are extremely important.

Your visualizations are extremely important.

Your emotions are extremely important.

Your body is extremely important.

Your words are extremely important.

Your music is extremely important.

YOU, cosmic creator, are extremely important.

Everything you think, say and do ripples out through the cosmos, catalyzing transformation on a micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic level.

You are Universal Intelligence moving in and through an individualized Human System in an incredibly complex, fractal expression.

Where you place your attention MATTERS.

Take that to heart and use it.

You have the power to directly influence our collective evolution.



Part 4 - The Cosmic Game


Alrighty, if you've stuck through the first 3 Parts then you must certainly be quarantined because it hasn't exactly been a "light read".

In fact, I'm probably going to make a greater effort to make the next 2 parts as palatable as possible… I can tend to get a bit mechanical in my writings.

BUT if you are reading this right now, it means you are at the very least CURIOUS about WTF is actually happening under the surface of the current global pandemic, as well as what the future might hold for us as a species.

On that note, I encourage you to not believe anything I've said at face value but to research and explore these concepts for yourself.

Gather relevant data and piece it together into an understanding that makes sense to you. After all, it's what you are built for.

Blind belief in whatever information is plopped in front of us is one of the MAIN causes of losing connection to our deepest core essence as sovereign beings.

You are worthy of that sovereignty.

Anywho, let's recap... we are about to get to the BEST part; all the arrows we have launched into the air all flying down to hit the target in one fell swoop.




We explored how mechanisms of brain naturally filter and reinforce worldview and ego (identity structure) according to wounds, values, beliefs, and habitual patterns (installed by ancestral, societal and familial conditioning), consequently muffling pure Witness Consciousness. These are mostly unconscious systems that operate under the surface of awareness.

That means there are realities you are unaware of that are constantly affecting you... Magic is real!!



We explored the great cliché; everything is energy. As we looked at this from various vantage points, we got to see a more detailed illustration of how our vibrational reality operates through the instruments of the senses and the 4 components of consciousness. What I call the "Human System" is the combination of all these pieces hardware and software that make up "you" as a human.

Basically, you are a cyborg.



We dove into the IMPLICATIONS of vibrational reality; the recognizable fractal (repeating) patterns and the emergent (co-evolutionary) quality of electromagnetic fields (spheres of vibration). This lead us to a foundational blueprint of our reality: everything follows an elegant DESIGN that propels living systems towards higher states of consciousness (complexity, sophistication, vibrational frequency, thought patterns, behaviors, etc).

In spiritual terms, your enlightenment is guaranteed. So why waste time and energy trying to swim against the unstoppable current of the river when it is clearly taking you over that waterfall regardless of the direction you are facing? May as well swim with the current, eyes open.


KEY POINTS so far:

- The average person has been programmed with an identity & world-view that is sourced primarily from ancestral, cultural, and familial conditioning.

- Your senses are specialized instruments designed to detect a very specific range of vibrational frequencies.

- There are vibrational frequencies (realms) that exist beyond the detection range of your senses.

- Your consciousness has the power to activate and transmit vibrational frequencies through the 4 components of consciousness (thought, image, emotion, body sensation).

- The frequencies you transmit affect every vibrational field you come into contact with (extending all the way out to infinity).

- Every vibrational field you are in contact with effects your entire psychospiritual system (including thought, image, emotion, body sensation).

- The universe operates through intelligent, recognizable patterns (blueprints / universal laws) that encourage evolution within complex adaptive systems.

And awaaaaaay we go!



Now that we understand that spheres of vibration / electromagnetic fields (aka: YOU and ME and EVERYTHING) impact and influence one another in wondrous ways, we can begin to explore how collective consciousness influences individual consciousness (macrocosmic and microcosmic expressions of "Self").

This isn't coming out of left field, I hope?

I mean… if your thoughts influence others, and their thoughts influence you, isn't it rational to consider that there is a sphere of collective thought vibrations that everyone is connected to?

It's a giant soup consisting of every human thought / feeling / experience throughout time.

You're simply one ingredient in the soup.

Like a potato.

A cosmic potato.


Every single one of your thoughts and feelings ripples out through the universe rearranging EVERYTHING in response to your vibrational transmission (the flavour of the entire soup), AND the invisible frequencies rippling into you from the collective field are constantly rearranging the entire structure of your body - mind - spirit expression (the flavour of the individual potato).

This realization leads to an expanded state of perception where you start taking focus off of the POTATO and onto the SOUP. Your concept of SELF changes in response to this shift in perception and you begin to know your SELF as progressively larger spheres.

This expansion of perception leads to new experiences, resulting in a deeper and deeper level of PARTICIPATORY KNOWING (experience rather than theory) that you are not the things that make up the Human System – mental, emotional, physical components – “You” are the larger sphere of awareness containing all of these things.


There is a YOU that exists beyond the potato.

Or even the soup.

You are the formless, eternal awareness of it all.

You are witness consciousness - pure creative potential - I AM presence.

I'm really digging how much mileage we got out of that potato metaphor by the way.


Anyway, this new identity / perception shift allows you to start interacting with vibrational reality more effectively because you become AWARE of the operating systems of the mind, emotions and body, as being distinctly separate from (but influenced by) the real Self (consciousness).

This is when life tends to collapse into a big ol' bag of sh*t.

Everything you thought you knew about yourself and reality is flipped upside down and you are launched headfirst into a gigantic pit of confusion and despair.



Because in the MOVEMENT AWAY from pre-existing patterns and programs you are met with many forms of INTERNAL and EXTERNAL RESISTANCE. These are expressions of the system attempting to maintain its established safety protocols, coping strategies, values, beliefs, emotional (chemical) dependencies, etc.. all of which make up your ego construct and worldview.


Your old perceptions and behaviors no longer make sense and the system freaks out.


Patterns and programs that have governed your habitual perception and behavior become CONSCIOUS as you attempt to direct your energies towards this newly expanded paradigm.

Because your new intentions conflict with the established programs of the ego (identity construct), the battle to reclaim the kingdom of consciousness begins.

This is the legendary battle of Kurukshetra spoken of in the Bhagavad Gita - the journey of the Soul towards Self-Realization - enlightenment - oneness with Source.

This "battle" naturally develops the strength and capacity needed to dismantle the programmed behaviors and responses of your ego; these are the tools, techniques, mindsets and methodologies of spiritual teachings and self-improvement programs from around the world such as meditation, prayer, empowered language systems, introspection, goal setting, devotion, selflessness, forgiveness, gratitude, etc).

These practices EQUIP you with the TOOLS and the SKILLS you need to perceive, access, navigate, and ultimately master progressively more INTENSE and more SUBTLE emotions and experiences (vibrational frequencies / realms / dimensions).

Let's make something super clear:

BOTH the EGO (identity construct) and the SOUL (witness consciousness) express themselves through the SAME Human System (4 components of consciousness, senses, etc.) which is why people feel CONFLICTED when they attempt to CHANGE.

They are a VIBRATIONAL FIELD that contains the frequencies of both the old programs subconsciously influencing the system AND the new desired beliefs and behaviors sourced from the soul faculties of direct knowing.

As you learn and grow through this process of transformation called the battle of Kurukshetra, you begin to notice the fractal (repeating) PATTERNS through which the Universal Intelligence flows in and through "physical" reality, which we spoke about in Part 3.

Through recognition of the universal laws or blueprints, you not only recognize that you are CONNECTED to this this infinitely wise, powerful, loving force at the heart of all things, but that you have the ability, the opportunity, the responsibility even, to CULTIVATE, TEND, and GROW your relationship with it.


This is the process of "Awakening" that is spoken of in wisdom teachings from around the world throughout all recorded history.


Life becomes a journey of DEEP LISTENING and humble contribution to the cosmic unfolding of the Great Mystery.

Through intentional acts of service you slowly begin to learn how to align with higher vibrational forces, equipped with the knowing that every action, every thought, every movement ripples out from your individualized self into the collective energetic field all the way up to infinity.

You are also given constant feedback from these invisible forces as your energy crystallizes into physical reality through the circumstances of you life with unerring vibrational precision.

As the ego construct loosens its grip, your understanding of reality and Self expands, giving you access to realms of knowledge that were previously inaccessible.

These "rememberings" or "awakenings" are experienced as "insight" - AHA moments that translate into new thought patterns, emotional responses, relational behaviors, and physical configurations.

You begin to sense more subtle realms of reality, not through the extremely limited sensory instruments, but through the Soul faculties of intuition, inspiration & imagination.

These are RECEPTIVE qualities (meaning you RECEIVE intelligence from a source beyond the ego construct).

Pretty wild, huh?

Think of a time when an inspirational thought just magically popped into your head.

Ever wonder where it came from..?

In action, this state of receptive responsiveness is called the FLOW STATE.

The flow state is the direct experience of uninhibited Universal Intelligence flowing in and through you, causing an invigorating expansion into greater levels of complexity.

This new vibrational frequency is then integrated into the identity structure of the human system, upgrading perception and behaviour on all levels.

Oh, by the way, this is also an example of emergence.

Are you starting to see the arrows falling?

Oh yes... it's all coming together.




Let’s break this all down for a minute:

You emerge into this world as a little person, not yet identified with your physical form. Your human system is in the very early stages of development; creating the hardware, booting up the operating system, installing essential programs, apps and add-ons, but you are not yet IDENTIFIED with the human system.

In fact, in the early years of your life you are in a detached state of awe and amazement towards the mysterious phenomena of the body, mind and senses. It's all so new and wonderful and ever-changing... everything is a wild adventure!


As your human system continues to develop, you are told WHO you are supposed to be, HOW you are supposed to behave, and WHAT you are supposed to think and feel.

You discover that the world isn't as safe and wonderful as you originally thought...

Sometimes you are punished for feeling and expressing an emotion. Other times you are threatened for thinking or doing something that seemed totally innocent, creating deep fear and uncertainty...

These painful experiences create powerful imprints, strongly influencing the development of core systems which are responsible for creating the functional beliefs you carry about yourself and the world.

The feedback comes first from your family - they celebrate when you do something they like and punish you when you do something they don't like.

They also encourage you to behave according to the societal standards of a child, boy, girl, or whatever other role you are expected to fulfill.

Your system adapts to the painful & pleasurable feedback from your environment by shutting down thoughts, feeling and behaviors that lead to criticism, abandonment or pain, and amplifying or exaggerating the qualities that lead to praise, recognition or pleasure.

This regulation of behavior is then reinforced by educational institutions, authority figures and society as a whole as the mechanisms of the Human System are slowly programmed into a comprehensive identity construct that is self-perpetuating – aka: the ego.

It is from this state of unconscious, programmed identification with the ego construct that one eventually goes through an "Awakening" process; a great remembering of something hidden deep within the recesses of your soul, but temporarily lost in a mire of delusion.

With this awakening comes a SHATTERING of your concept self and reality, built as they are upon programs that have filtered perception and behavior according to the unique trauma signature installed by family & society.


- You then go through a "Dark Night of The Soul" wherein nothing makes sense.

- Old beliefs dissolve leaving you dazed and confused regarding who you are and what life is.

- Thoughts and feelings become erratic and unstable, with no stable narrative to ground them.

- Certain relationships or professional pursuits may change, grow, or fall away completely.

- Nothing seems to be working out as your life crumbles away brick by brick.

- A deep, perennial longing rises up from the depths of your being, shaking you to your core.


It is in this place that you learn to...



Because you don't have the answers anymore.

But no matter how bleak it looks...

No matter how disturbed or desperate the situation may look from the outside...

I’m here to remind you that this is an absolutely normal and necessary part of transformation.

You are in the process of expanding BEYOND what no longer serves your souls evolution.


In that place of complete surrender, you begin to receive a mysterious stream of...



- A NEW way of existing is slowly revealed upon the crystalline landscape of your consciousness as wave after wave of direct knowing pulses through your core, rippling out through your thoughts, emotions, and body.

- A new dimension of reality begins to emerge in your awareness which had ALWAYS EXISTED but was previously hidden from view.

- Things start making sense on a deeper level than they ever have before, and the errors you've made in that past and their consequences are revealed, felt, and known.

- There is a shedding of old ways as the outdated, trauma-signature programs are dismantled in the wake of a full-system life force surge, short-circuiting the self-defeating mechanisms that no longer serve the highest expression of this new vision of reality.

- There is a profound death that dismantles and dissolves every part and particle of who you THOUGHT you were...

- ...and a glorious rebirth as you emerge from the dark night as a beacon of infinite possibility, united with and embodying a higher version of who you TRULY are.


This is the HERO's JOURNEY blueprint.

It is the path of Transformation.

It is the process of Awakening.

It is your story.

It is my story.

It is the story of us all.




Now let's bring all this back to our current global situation:

There are UNIVERSAL LAWS (blueprints / cycles / patterns) that are propelling collective consciousness towards a great AWAKENING (realization and embodiment of a higher version of Self), through a transformational process of deconstructing the EGO IDENTITY on a COLLECTIVE LEVEL.

This is manifesting globally through the cessation of our socioeconomic systems and patterned way of living:

  • Social distancing
  • Fear & confusion
  • Collapse of socioeconomic systems
  • Uncertainty about the future
  • Old ways of operating no longer working
  • Re-evaluation of identity and reality personally and collectively

Here's where YOU come in...

As we have explored, whatever happens in the individual field effects the collective field, and VICE VERSA.

Because we are experiencing a collective transformation, every individual will experience the vibrational frequency of this transformation process by MIRRORING SOME ESSENTIAL ASPECT of what is taking place throughout the collective.

Some will be plunged into despair as their world collapses around them.
Others will be grounded and calm, emanating a peaceful presence.
Some will be disillusioned and confused with no access to guidance or support.
Others will be crystal clear and activated in their purpose and passion.

All of these are components of the transformational birthing of a new creative potentiality as a collective, being expressed through the individualized human vessels.

We must recognize that every person is going through something unique and support each other whenever, wherever, and however we can.

Not only because we need each other, but also because you are not a helpless victim of circumstance.

You are a participant.


You are a creator.

Every single one of your thoughts, energies, movements is rippling out into the collective field, influencing the trajectory of the entire collective consciousness.

HOW you navigate your individual (microcosmic) transformational journey (however it is showing up for you) will be reflected in the collective (macrocosmic) sphere.

Your intention, your focus, your energy, your emotions have never been as important as they are in THIS VERY MOMENT.

We are on the precipice of a global shift into realms that are BEYOND what most people can perceive because the new paradigm lays outside the established identity and world-view frameworks that have been filtering their reality.

We are in a place of PURE CREATIVE POTENTIAL, and it is our great honor and privilege to be called upon to envision the limitless possibilities for us as a planet and species for generations to come.

This time of forced introspection is being experienced as inner & outer CONFLICT by many - the natural consequence of halting habitual patterns and behaviors - which destabilizes the collective reality matrix. Sensitive individuals can pick up on this and feel the instability within the collective sphere of vibrating consciousness.

This is a natural, important part of the awakening process.

Destabilization inevitably leads to transformation.

As socioeconomic structures that have been built upon systems of control, manipulation, fear, and enslavement - which have caused innumerable individual and collective trauma signatures - are dismantled, they pave the way for INSIGHT (expansion into heightened states of cognition / embodied knowledge / Self-Realization / vibrational frequency) and the PHYSICAL CREATION of more sophisticated, life-affirming socioeconomic systems that BY VIBRATIONAL LAW must reflect and support the new collective state of consciousness.

We are all in this together.


The great Masters of EVERY SPIRITUAL TRADITION have been teaching this for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.


The differences between spiritual teachings are mostly semantic, but once translated into their core essence the Divine message shines through with the same brilliant light:

You are so much more than your Human System – you are pure Witness Consciousness .

While pain is very real, our suffering mainly comes from false identification with the instruments of perception & action (ego construct).

Self-Realization is the embodiment of Soul qualities while incarnated in physical form, manifesting formless Divinity in and through form (bringing together heaven and earth).

We do this by aligning with the cosmic vibrational blueprints / laws / cycles and expanding into supreme Source Intelligence (Oneness) so that it becomes the true identity structure.

The process of Self-Realization takes place through disruption of the current identity & world view, as your system uses the temporary collapse to destabilize old filters and expand into previously unrecognized and unexplored domains of reality.

On the other side of this chaotic unfolding of increased intensity, we integrate the new perspective and adjust behaviors to reflect this expanded understanding and embody Universal Intelligence more fully in the physical realm.

In this sense, becoming enlightened isn't just a matter of blind BELIEF; it's a matter of knowing HOW these laws function so that you can intentionally work WITH these forces to expand your perception beyond what you currently "understand" in a wisdom-guided way.

If you understand the river and its flow, you become better at swimming, navigate obstacles, following the current, conserving your energy, and even playing with aquatic acrobatic movements for the pure enjoyment of it.

In a way, you become one with the river.

This is what is happening right now.

You are learning how to swim in the river of transformation.

And every single one of your contributions MATTERS.

When you truly understand and apply this, you are aligning with the supreme Source of all power and intelligence, responsible as It is for the intelligent design and flow of all seen and unseen cycles within and beyond creation.

This is going to tie DIRECTLY into what is happening with the COVID crisis in Part 5, so remember it:

When you recognize and behave according to universal laws, you are tapping into a Supreme Intelligence that naturally propels you along the path of spiritual evolution.



Part 5 - Coming Home


By this point in the journey we have covered a lot of territory.

You may perhaps be a little weary, maybe a little battle-scarred, no doubt looking forward to the satisfying conclusion of our grand adventure into the deeper significance and impact of the current global pandemic.

Thank you for coming along for the ride. This will be the final part of this series, with a potential epilogue to wrap up any loose ends and offer additional resources.

As we move into this last leg I am inclined to reiterate once more, DO NOT BELIEVE ANYTHING I WRITE HERE AT FACE VALUE.

Nothing I present here is an absolute, indisputable truth. Do your own research, pick up what is useful, drop whatever isn't.

There is no "one way".

This content is meant to be taken as an exploration of concepts, systems, and tools that have the potential for enhancing our ability to generate meaningful insight through personal and collective transformation.

The journey itself is a systematic exploration of some of the individual and complimentary elements that have formed my current view of reality, including my perspective on the COVID pandemic and its significance on a collective and evolutionary level.

In part 1 we packed our bags with the tasty nuts and seeds of the Human System - essential trail mix on a transformational adventure.

In part 2 we set off on into a vast, wondrous vibrational landscape, armed with our trusty components of consciousness.

In part 3 we suddenly found ourselves in mysterious metaphysical territory that revealed the multifaceted structures of fractal energetics and complex adaptive systems.

Part 4 brought us face to face with the spiritual significance of being a cosmic potato and what it truly means to embark upon a Hero's Journey.

We are now primed to paint the grand picture, then bring it back down to earth with some practical steps each of us can take TODAY, regardless of our situation.

So without further ado, let's dive into the last leg of the journey.




As we have come to see in previous parts, the evolution of consciousness throughout time and space is a meticulous, complex, infinitely beautiful and multifaceted unfolding.

Let's do a recap, shall we?
Now with metaphors!

- The Human System projects, reflects and self-perpetuates identity and worldview through belief systems, thought patterns, emotional reactions, physical health, relationship dynamics, sensory input, and the filtering of information. Identification with the Human System is often called the "ego" - a comprehensive identity construct. Due to the filtering of reality resulting from the ego identification process, understanding extends only so far as the boundaries established by one's field of perception (aka: state of consciousness).

In simple terms: Depth of understanding extends only so far as the limitations within one's perception.

Metaphorically: You only know what you know, and you don't know what you don't know.
(Ok, that's not exactly a metaphor, but it's really fun to say)

How about... the fish who has lived it's entire life in a pond cannot even begin to imagine the vastness of the ocean.


- Everything we have the ability to perceive is merely a representation of a specific vibrational frequency. All things, including us, emit an electromagnetic field that interacts with other electromagnetic fields in which it comes into contact. There are psychospiritual technologies such as the 4 components of consciousness: thought, image, emotion, body sensation, that allow us to receive, transmit, and influence vibrational frequencies.

In simple terms: Everything we perceive, and experience is a vibrational frequency.

Metaphorically: You are but one musician in a vast, cosmic orchestra.


- The dimensions of reality (vibrational frequencies) that exist beyond a person’s current state of consciousness can be accessed by expanding the current identity structure (ego) and worldview (belief system). This process results in a temporary experience of cognitive dissonance (dark night of the soul), eventually stabilizing newly discovered, previously inaccessible information, leading to a more complex identity structure & worldview, especially as one EMBODIES the new knowledge through practical action steps, transforming it into WISDOM (as a continuum extending all the way to "enlightenment").

In simple terms: Going beyond your comfort zone is necessary for growth.

Metaphorically: In order for the butterfly to emerge it must first break free from the cocoon.


- Every independent being plays their own unique, essential role within the dynamic evolution of the collective, and are (willing or unwilling) participants in planetary and universal cycles without individual agency ever being compromised. As a human you are a powerful creator endowed with free will; your actions restructure the rest of existence - AND - you are connected to and heavily influenced by relational and cosmic forces that extend in, through, and beyond physical reality (the range of vibrational frequencies detectable by sensory instruments).

In simple terms: You influence and are influenced by everything.

Metaphorically: You are a cosmic potato swimming in a Universal soup.


- There are foundational energetic structures, or blueprints, upon which material creation in based which reveal how it functions on a deeper level. These are the patterns (Universal Laws / Archetypes / Cycles) referenced by the great teachers, sacred texts and storytellers down through millennia (and more recently in scientific communities). These energetic blueprints describe how life is structured & propelled forward according to various intelligent designs. By consciously or unconsciously aligning with these Universal Principles we can access deeper wellsprings of wisdom and accelerate our psychospiritual evolution.

In simple terms: When you see and follow the natural rhythms of life, things begin to flow more smoothly and make more sense.

Metaphorically: Swim with the river, not against it.


- Through various spiritual practices you can loosen identification with the ego (comprehensive identity construct) and cultivate Soul qualities and superconscious perception such as intuition and other crazy stuff like ESP & astral travel. If you go through the Yoga Sutras they speak of the "Siddhis" - which are basically spiritual superpowers that a person gains access to as they progress along the spiritual path. They are the natural result of attuning to more subtle aspects of reality, which will eventually be shown to be scientific in nature.
The "spiritual path" means the process of developing greater awareness, vibrational attunement, and embodied actualization of higher states of consciousness.

In simple terms: You can access information beyond the mind, body and emotions by withdrawing attention away from those instruments and placing it on awareness itself.

Metaphorically: The sky contains within it every raunchy fart that has been launched out of a bum and the sweet scent of every blossoming flower, yet it remains forever untouched.




Great, now that we've built the preliminary structures of understanding we can begin to explore the unprecedented global pandemic with fresh eyes and fresh minds.

Before we go any further, I would like to issue a trigger warning:

The following concepts are of my own personal spiritual perspective according to my applied understanding of the principles and practices described throughout Parts 1-4.

I highly recommend researching the following concepts for yourself.




The great Cycles described in Yogic philosophy are the Yugas.

These are 24,000-year cycles describing the process wherein knowledge of progressively higher realms of existence (state of consciousness) is attained then subsequently (and temporarily) lost across long periods of time on our planet.

The measuring of these cycles vary from teacher to teacher, but according to the Kriya Yoga teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and the astrological studies of his Guru Swami Sri Yukteswar, they consist of a 12,000 year ascending (remembering) cycle and 12,000 year descending (forgetting) cycle, split into 4 categories (both ascending & descending).

They are summarized as follows:

Kali Yuga (Dark Age)

1,200 year cycle categorized by a predominantly material world view and state of consciousness due to a lack of awareness of the finer forces of creation, dependency upon sensory input.

Dwapara Yuga (Atomic Age)

2,400 year cycle categorized by the understanding and application of finer forces of creation such as electricity, atomic energy, and EMF (astral forces).

Treta Yuga (Age of Mind)

3,600 year cycle categorized by the understanding and application of the higher faculties of mind such as the Siddhis (causal forces).

Satya Yuga (Golden Age)

4,800 year cycle categorized by the understanding and application of soul faculties and spiritual reality beyond the capacity to comprehend on a cognitive level.


This cycle is also referenced by other cultures and traditions such as the 24,000 year cycle of Greek mythology consisting of the Iron age, Bronze age, Silver age, Golden age.

The Tibetans, the Mayans, the ancient Egyptians, and the Cherokee and Hopi Indians all also chart a cycle between 24,000 - 26,000 years.


In his very detailed book The Holy Science, Swami Sri Yukteswar concludes that we are currently in the ASCENDING (awakening) cycle, specifically the early stages of Dwapara Yuga (the atomic age), which began around 1699 A.D.

This means we transitioned out of the Kali Yuga (dark age) around the year 1,700 - which coincides precisely with the time science began to discover and apply finer-force technologies such as electricity (in the year 1800).

During the transitional period between ages there is a significant shift in consciousness taking place wherein the new vibrational paradigm (state of consciousness) is slowly integrated into mass consciousness.

This means that during the early transitional period between Yugas (ages) we have a sudden spike in technological advancement, but the understanding and application of these technologies are primarily driven by the previous Yuga’s ( Kali Yuga in this case - materialistic / egoic / low density) level of consciousness and underlying motivations.

The shift in consciousness between ages completely restructures personal & collective identity and worldview, eventually resulting in mass understanding and application of higher vibrational forces.

This is the process of "awakening".




Let's step back for a second and revisit the stages that one goes through during a paradigm shift / rite of passage / cognitive transition and see how that applies to our current global situation:

1 - There is an initial rejection of skepticism towards the new paradigm as it does not correspond with the current level of understanding / belief system / identity / worldview.

2 - There is a sudden or gradual opening to new possibilities that results in the previously held identity structure and worldview destabilizing / collapsing.

3 - This leads to the experience of cognitive dissonance / dark night of the soul wherein things don't "makes sense" anymore. In this place of temporary confusion, the previously established ways of perceiving and behaving have been interrupted or are no longer effective.

4 - A new paradigm / vibrational frequency / cognitive capacity is encoded into the system, expanding ones perception of identity & reality.

5 - The new paradigm is integrated and applied into daily life, resulting in new perceptions, behavior patterns and social structures that reflect the new state of consciousness which then becomes the new default reality.


This is the HERO'S JOURNEY archetypal template that manifests in fractal form throughout all of creation within a continuum.


It is driven by the emergent, evolutionary function of Universal Intelligence embedded within the foundational energetic structure of reality, driving forces towards higher states of consciousness through various overlapping and interdependent systems such as the law of karma, the law of attraction, the law of relativity, the law of polarity, and so on.

According to this framework of understanding, we can begin to recognize elements of this paradigm shifting process occurring on a socioeconomic level around the world:

The upheaval of previously established identity / world-view / behavior patterns / social structures on a global scale - a complete breakdown of socioeconomic systems, cessation of social patterns, the destabilization of collective identity & worldview, widespread confusion & uncertainty, financial upheaval, etc.

At the same time due to the introspective nature of social isolation & economic threat, many are experiencing heightened states of awareness, increased emotional & energetic sensitivity, creative inspiration, recognition of and desire for more meaningful social and environmental connection, increased empathetic capacity, and even great excitement & enthusiasm.

Many are speaking up about the underlying shifts taking place within consciousness and are attempting to unearth and explore the esoteric, social, and economic possibilities in both philosophical and practical terms.

These are all markers of an "awakening" process happening on a collective (planetary) level, which ripples through microcosmic expression of each individuals’ subjective and objective circumstances (very much like a virus prompting an immune system response; a unique but coordinated response from each individual cell within the body).

...A fractal evolutionary response of the entire complex adaptive system of planet earth (including all of humanity).







How exactly is this collective awakening process showing up on an individual level?


We've explored this already but let's reiterate:

- Identity and worldview are de-stabilized, materializing through the human system as incoherent or fluctuating thoughts, images, emotions and body sensations (experienced as mental & emotional distress).

- Strong vibrational frequencies running through and amplified by the collective are picked up by higher numbers of increasingly sensitive individuals due in part to the cessation of habitual activities and behaviors that were previously occupying the mental / physical / emotional / spiritual faculties.

- A greater awareness of the responsibility and impact each one of us contributes to the collective experience is more deeply understood and applied.

- There is a creative envisioning of new socioeconomic possibilities corresponding with the increased vibrational frequency (state of consciousness) stabilizing within the collective field.

- There are widespread individual and collective efforts to connect with, support and encourage each another during an experience of hardship.

There is more, but I'm sure you are seeing the picture.


In my opinion, the inevitable result of this collective experience is a complete re-imagining of WHO we are and HOW we live individually and collectively in a way that corresponds with a higher order of intelligence / increased level of sophistication / interconnectedness / vibrational state / embodied application of more harmonious principles on EVERY LEVEL beyond what most people could have ever imagined from the previous paradigm.





- Because you cannot solve a problem from the same state of consciousness that created it.

- Because life is a complex adaptive system that is wired to evolve in intelligent ways in response to challenge.

- Because this is what the great masters down through the ages have been telling us about in countless spiritual teachings for thousands of years.

- Because our current socioeconomic systems are completely unsustainable and people have been ACTIVELY calling for change for decades now.

- Because we are all interconnected on the deepest, most fundamental level and are waking up to that truth.

- Because the scientific and religious views of reality are beginning to overlap and intertwine, collapsing paradigms.

- Because at our core we are CREATORS.


The future that I see isn't one of darkness and despair.

The future I see is one of infinite possibility.


Whatever you may believe, I'm sure we can all agree that no matter what happens, at this point there is no going back.

A global event of such magnitude with dramatic GLOBAL socioeconomic consequences, could ever result in the previous model being unaffected and unaltered in some way.

The social, economic, personal, relational, political, emotional ramifications have been far too significant and widespread to NOT catalyze an evolutionary adaptive response on SOME level.

And from my personal and professional experience, it is the most challenging moments are precisely when the most significant, powerful, lasting transformations occur.

I could go into details about the corruption present within the (old paradigm) systems of government, politics, education, medical industry, fiscal currency, media, and others, to flesh out the Kali Yuga consciousness structures that are currently being dismantled...

...but I will leave that potentially controversial and contentious exploration on the sidelines for now for the sake of the larger picture.


The goal here is not mere mental masturbation.

The intention behind this entire series, the real purpose behind it all, the deeper motivation...

Is to inspire ACTION.

If one does not APPLY the CONCEPTS one learns then they stagnate in an unintegrated mire of mere conjecture that adds no practical value to one’s direct EXPERIENCE of life.

It results in no significant change in the overall state of consciousness and does not serve to catalyze change within & beyond the Human System in any meaningful way.

But when an inspiring concept becomes lived EXPERIENCE...

Everything changes.

So let's get down to it.





Regardless of your perspective on the origins of COVID-19, it is clear through the sheer magnitude of its global implications that we are at an unprecedented moment in human history that we need to take seriously.

As such, we have the tremendous opportunity to take the time during this pivotal period to envision the highest future potential possible.

We do this by IMPLEMENTING all the various principles explored in this series to integrate our unresolved trauma from the past through emotional processing, activate a higher state of consciousness through meditation, envision future potentials through visualization, and take decisive ACTION towards that vision of reality through acts of service.

We do this because not only does it create a more empowered way of being within ourselves, but also because EVERYTHING WE DO ripples out into the collective field, restructuring the energetic template of the unfolding pandemic, aligning humanity as a whole with a higher order of consciousness.

And as we know our creations will always reflect our current state of consciousness, so we must each begin with ourselves.




Many people might interpret this as a call to "think positive", "focus on the light", or "look on the bright side of things".

That is NOT the course of action I am suggesting, for a few important reasons:


1) While "thinking positive" is one specific TOOL that is helpful for various things such as reprogramming the subconscious mind, it is not a be-all end-all approach for activating higher states of consciousness. In fact, it often leads to spiritual bypassing, a denial or deflection of emotions and a perpetuation of deep-seated trauma, which only reinforces and aggravates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual distress.

2) There is deep INTELLIGENCE present within our emotional responses that we can only access once these experiences are properly acknowledged and integrated.

3) The rejection of or resistance towards any aspect of our being perpetuates it. "What you resist persists". By denying the existence of ANY aspect of creation, we are amplifying the law of polarity within our own consciousness which increases the effective CHARGE of that energy, sling-shotting it back around to be re-experienced with proportional intensity through the law of karma (cause and effect).

4) We project our unprocessed shit onto others.


We must recognize that EVERY component of the Human System must be optimized, enhanced and integrated properly in order to receive the maximum benefit from any psychospiritual technology, INCLUDING the painful emotions, challenging experiences, and shadow aspects of our being.

It is only by coming to understand each of these mechanisms and how they relate to the whole that we may come to actualize higher states of consciousness into our human experience.

As this relates to COVID, it is essential that we recognize and acknowledge on a deep feeling level the painful consequences that people are living in during this time:

There is pain, there is suffering, there is fear, there is hopelessness, there is financial struggle, there is death, there is overwhelm, there is disconnection, there is darkness.

It is our responsibility to FEEL these things, know that they exist (if they didn't exist then no one would experience them), and develop a MATURE RELATIONSHIP with them. This not only develops a deeper emotional maturity, but also gives us access to real empathy, compassion and understanding towards one another.

The secret is to not get swept up in the cyclical PERPETUATION of emotions and their reality-filtering properties.

Which leads us to the first actionable:




Traumatic experiences embedded in the subconscious manifest in a plethora of ways including emotional reactivity (triggers), projection onto others, denial of our shadow, physical disease, and spiritual bypassing, just to name a few.

These unintegrated experiences are stored in our biological (body), psychological, (cognitive processes) and spiritual (energetic) makeup.

One extremely effective strategy for releasing stored trauma and developing greater emotional intelligence, empathetic capacity, and energetic sensitivity is to FEEL OUR FEELINGS FULLY without judging them as "good" or "bad", and without identifying with them.

To DENY or DEFLECT an emotional experience is to push it deeper into the subconscious mind where it festers and leaks out into other areas of our lives as previously mentioned.


The practice is very simple:


1) Find a comfortable position where you can relax as completely as possible.

2) Close your eyes and observe the natural rhythm of your breath for a few minutes.

3) Scan through the sensations present in your body.

4) Bring your awareness to the strongest emotion that is alive inside of you.

5) Observe the FEELING of the emotion with curiosity without attempting to shift, change, or control it in any way.

Now here is the MOST IMPORTANT PART:

6) ** Whenever your attention moves away from the FEELING of the emotion and into a STORY, NARRATIVE, MEMORY, or IMAGE, withdraw your attention and place it back on the FEELING. **

7) Continue observing the feeling, allowing it to grow, shrink, change, or move naturally for a minimum of 10 minutes.

7a) OPTIONAL: allow any spontaneous physical movements to occur naturally without inhibiting, influencing, analyzing or controlling them in any way.

8) When you are complete release your attention from the emotion with 4 deep belly breaths and sighing exhales. If you require more grounding, tap your body vigorously while saying "thank you" out loud to each body part.

9) When you are ready, open your eyes.


** Why is step (6) so important? **

Emotions automatically transmute themselves as long as we do not perpetuate them or interfere with their natural process.

This is why children are so quick to process their emotions; they feel them FULLY, then move on.

This is counter to what adults do, which is cycle emotions through the system over and over by running it through their heads via image and narrative.


Here's the deal...

THOUGHT and IMAGES associated with the EMOTION perpetuate it through the cycle of visualization and judgmental narrative, reactivating the nervous system and stimulating biochemical responses in the body.

Psychologically, your brain can't tell the difference between "real" and "imagined" experiences, which means your system will continue to cycle the emotion instead of processing and transmuting it.

If you sit with an emotion without trying to change or get rid of it, and without continuously reactivating it, you will notice that it will move through various emotional forms and eventually dissolve completely.

Imagine if you will, holding an ice cube:

At first it is cold, hard, and sticky. Perhaps even painful. The shock of the sensation is a strong departure from having a dry, warm hand.
Slowly your hand adjusts to the temperature of the ice and the cube begins to become wet, slippery, and soft around the edges.
If you continue holding the ice cube long enough, it melts into a puddle and evaporates completely.

Your hand returns to its natural temperature (all on its own) and the ice cube is gone.





Self-care activities are absolutely essential for maintaining the optimal state of your brain and body.

As we have explored throughout this ENTIRE series, your default state is the FILTER for your reality and your Human System adapts to whatever is most SALIENT (relevant) to you.


The practice is very simple:


1) On a sheet of paper write down these 4 categories:

2) Write down a list of 10 activities in each category that leave you feeling more enlivened then you were before in that category (self care activities often overlap and affect multiple categories - this is welcome).

3) Write down any activities that appear to be self-care but actually leave you feeling depleted, drained or deflated.
These are actually SELF-DEFEATING activities masquerading as self-care activities and tend to be addictive or compulsive in nature.
(Often times an activity can be genuine self-care in moderation but becomes self-defeating in excess - such as movies or video games).

4) As a general rule of thumb do not include mind-altering substances in your self-care database.

5) Prioritize engaging in a minimum of 1 self-care activity EVERY SINGLE DAY.

6) Update your self-care database as needed.


By engaging in activities that are genuinely replenishing, rejuvenating and enlivening, you are communicating to the system some important pieces of information:

- You are supported, cared for, and valuable.
This is a pivotal component of releasing stored trauma and activating higher states of being.

- Your internal state is not dependent upon external conditions.
This empowers ones sense of agency and creative potential.

- You are interested in the enlivening aspects of reality.
Your brain will begin searching for and finding new evidence of new potential opportunities for expansion as its default mode.





Meditation is a special kind of concentration exercise leading to the natural calming of physical, mental and emotional ripples within the ocean of consciousness.

The benefits of meditation are vast, well documented, and scientifically studied. One of the main spiritual benefits is a loosening of the ego construct and a growing experiential awareness of the more subtle aspects of Self, Reality, and Source. It strengthens intuitive faculties, calms the nervous system, and rejuvenates the body & mind on all levels.


The practice is very simple:


1) Find a comfortable seated position with a straight spine where you can relax as completely as possible.

2) Close your eyes and observe the natural rhythm of your breath for a few minutes.

3) Scan through the sensations present in your body.

4) Bring your awareness to the breath and observe it as thought you are watching the sensations of someone else.

5) Pay particular attention to the moments in-between the inhale and exhale.

6) Whenever the attention wanders to the mind, body, or emotions, gently bring the attention back to the breath.

7) Do not try and control the mind, body, or emotions. Simply direct attention back to the breath whenever the attention wanders off.

8) As you practice, you will naturally come to periodic places of stillness. Rest into those places.

9) When you are complete, offer a prayer of gratitude to yourself, the practice, and whatever concept of the Divine you resonate with.


This is a time-tested foundational meditation practice.

With regular practice you will begin noticing the habitual movements of the mind, emotions, and body as being distinctly separate from your sense of Self.

The energetic ripples constantly flowing through your Human System will slow, allowing for enhanced perception born of an elevated state of consciousness.





The most potent time to engage in a visualization is immediately following a meditation practice, as you are more tangibly connected to subtle realms, your mental and emotional energies are less aggravated, and you have a heightened ability to focus.

Essentially, your mind is less light a light bulb scattering light in every direction, and more like a laser pointing directly towards a target with single-pointed focus.

As an interesting side-note, did you know that if you take the amount of scattered light emitted by an average light bulb and organize all the light particles in the same focused direction like a laser, that beam of light has enough power to reach the moon??

That's what your mind does after meditation.


The practice is very simple:


1) Envision the desired experience, scenario, or circumstance in your mind's eye.

2) Populate the moving image with as much detail as you can and INCLUDE ALL OF YOUR SENSES in the visualized experience.

3) SEE what you would see, HEAR what you would hear, FEEL what you would feel. Amplify it, dramatize it, exaggerate it.

4) Allow yourself to feel the emotion that this experience elicits in you and CELEBRATE THAT!

5) Immerse yourself in the FULL experience of the visualization, feeling all the sensations and emotions that come along with it.

6) When you feel complete, express deep gratitude within yourself for the experience and release it from your awareness, gently opening your eyes when ready.


This is a scientific method for infusing the entire psychological, neurological, biological, emotional, and energetic systems with the new vibrational imprint.

As explained in the emotional processing exercise, your brain cannot tell the difference between a "real" and "imagined" scenario, so you are literally rewiring your brain with the neurological connections corresponding with your visualization.

You are imprinting the visualized experience into somatic and emotional memory, and are activating the vibrational frequency within your electromagnetic field with the instruments of the brain and the heart which then cascade out into the collective field, strengthening the energetic structure of that vibrational blueprint, rearranging the entire cosmic field and activating the law of attraction to draw to you more experiences and circumstances that resonate with that frequency!!!

It's powerful stuff.

This is the proper application of the "Law of Attraction".


A repeat of the above disclaimer:

Do not continue to fantasize about the desired scenario as a way of deflecting, denying, or avoiding the practical reality of your day-to-day responsibilities or circumstances.

If your "head is in the clouds" and you are unable to be fully present to the experiences right in front of you, you are living in fantasy and contributing to a delusional world-view.

A more effective approach is to FULLY ENGAGE in the world with the newly awakened energy and inspiration flowing through your system, dedicating yourself fully to embodying the heightened state of consciousness through conscious acts of selfless service.

Be present with others' emotions and sensitive to their worldview. Do not attempt to change, coerce, manipulate, or convince others to adopt your perspective, or deny the validity of anyone else's perspective.

Let your thoughtful actions and compassionate curiosity towards others be the voice of your inner reality.





With your inner faculties awake and activated, it is now the time to engage in meaningful acts of CREATION.

You'll notice that I've used SERVICE and CREATION synonymously.


Service to others is not limited only to helping little old ladies cross the street or holding the door open for someone at the grocery store.

It often does not include telling other people what they should do to solve their problems, or how they should feel / think / behave, which are coercive and therefore driven by selfish or egotistical motives.


Service to others is anything that actualizes loving kindness towards SELF, OTHER, and ALL with compassionate curiosity.


- This includes the creation and sharing of ART in all its forms; born of the living inspiration flowing in and through you as a unique manifestation of Divine Intelligence. Create! Play! Have fun letting your vast, limitless inner world express itself.

- This includes your passions and hobbies. You have unique talents and skills that like has equipped you with through the unique circumstances of your life. NOW IS THE TIME to start offering these unique gifts out into the world.

- It includes your WORK (regardless of what you do), which is an opportunity to make a unique, important contribution to a larger whole.

- Service includes your willingness to be emotionally available and authentically vulnerable with others, which develops deep trust, connection, and healing on all levels.

- It includes standing up against perceived injustice, not from a place of malice, vengeance, or self-righteous spite, but as an honor-bound protector of goodness and virtue.

- This includes recognizing and admitting fault where appropriate, demonstrating real humility and a willingness to learn and grow from errors rather than defend egotistical pride.

- Essentially service is THE SPIRIT IN WHICH YOU DO SOMETHING.


By bringing the clear intention of service into your daily life you will find that through the absolute precision of Universal Law you are not only mysteriously supported by invisible forces in synchronistic ways, but that your sense of meaning, fulfillment, and purpose deepen and grow on a daily basis.

The smallest, most insignificant moments will begin revealing the most magnificent insights and blessings.

Challenging circumstances will become sources of inspiration and guidance rather than obstacles along the path.

Your relationships will deepen exponentially, and your sense of connection will expand into previously unrecognized domains.


All of these actionables, in addition to the fact that they will completely transform your entire life on every level...

In addition to the fact that you will impact the entire unfolding of this historic moment of collective transformation...

in addition to the fact that they will reveal to you the secret depths of reality piece-by-piece... that every single one of them is available to you RIGHT NOW.


You have EVERLASTING, IRREVOCABLE ACCESS to these powerful psychotechnologies of transformation.

You have all the building blocks of knowledge set in place.

You are equipped with the tools, techniques and practices.

You have the time and freedom to take action.

The question is...


What are you going to do?





This 5-Part series has covered a lot of ground and I salute you for taking the journey.

With everything that is happening around the world right now it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that each and every one of us prioritizes the liberation of our highest potential, envisions the limitless possibilities for our collective future, fosters deep, meaningful connections with one another, and FULLY COMMITS to a life of meaningful service.


Do not permit yourself to make excuses for not applying your LIMITLESS CREATIVE POTENTIAL in this incredibly important time in human history.

The efforts you make HERE and NOW may be the essential catalyst for a GREAT AWAKENING beyond what we could have ever imagined.

The stakes are that high.

Remember it.

May every single one of us use this time of challenge to consciously envision and act upon the highest possible reality for our lives, our species, our planet, and all of creation.

It is what we were born to do.



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